Our Story

Chart à la Carte began as an idea in March of 2015, inspired by a statistic illustrating the need for greater communication within household partnerships surrounding housework & chores.  Owner Sarah Barnard, designed Chart à la Carte’s unique board with a removable frame & systems for tracking & communicating about various practical topics for life organization & parenting.  Then, the idea grew to include so much more!

Our Community

Countless friends & supporters have shared and are continuing to provide input over the design process in creating our products & systems.  We are so grateful for their help, encouraged by their enthusiasm and we excitedly look forward to seeing more of their creativity as they post photos & descriptions of how they’re using their board for themselves and/or their families!  Request to join our community on Facebook!

Our Vision

We desire our website and social media platforms to be full of inspiration and creativity, of sharing photos of and stories about the styles and systems each person has created & how it’s impacting their space visually, their lives organizationally, or, their communication and relationships interpersonally.  We designed this product to last a lifetime, so we look forward to a lifetime of stories!

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