We’ve shared with you about how the Chart a la Carte board works (if you missed it, see A DIY Magnet Board Secret), but, today we are going to offer 21 practical uses for your board.

Advent Calendar: Countdown to Christmas using envelopes with surprises for each day.  Then, you can choose to put a larger surprise in the compartment for the 25th!

Celebrate Seasons: Greet the new season with a cheery seasonal fabric.

Pet station: Leash? Check. Bags? Check. Adorable photo of Lulu? Heck yes.

Inspiration Board: Have an idea, goal, or project you’re working on? Let your board do the talking

Schedule / Calendar: Communicate about what’s going on with with our full sheet weekly schedules and calendars and full sized dry erasable magnetic frames.

Birthday Board: Celebrate those special someones & surprise them with a beautiful message on their day!

Laundry Room: Finally. A place for lonely socks to find each other.  And a home for loose change & dryer sheets in the storage compartment!

White Board: Have a quick family meeting to discuss holiday plans and who’s game to tackle which projects.

Jewelry Organizer: Hang bracelets and necklaces with our powerful wooden peg magnets.

Entry Way Greeter: Use wooden letters to welcome your household and guests when they arrive, or, wish them well as they leave!

Welcome Baby Board: What a sweet gift this board would be, to welcome a new little one! (their name & footprints)

Celebrate Your Love: Spell your names with wooden letter magnets and set them off with the perfect fabric for your event or living space.

Child’s Responsibility Chart: Empower your child to team with you in creating their own task pieces by coloring our free printables and using with mini magnetic frames.

Essential Oil Station: Your board’s compartment is the perfect size for all the oils you use to keep your family well and your house smelling great.

Holiday Cards & Photos: Deck your board with all the good tidings you receive by mail.

Chalkboard: Highlight household rules of love and respect.

A Special Spot in Kiddo’s Room: Display artwork, report cards or momentos from memories made.

Personalized Color & style: Choose a fabric that highlights your style and creates a fun vibe in your space. Make a statement!

Family Chore Chart: Build teamwork buy using ribbon and push pins to create rows and columns to communicate as you move your dry erase magnets!

Family Command Center: Keep track of all your family’s comings and goings, plans and needs with our free printables and dry erase magnetic frames.

Menu Planner / Grocery List: Keep track of menu plans and grocery needs with our free printables and dry erasable magnetic frames (half-sheet sized).

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