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Good news! The boards are done!

Good news! The boards are completed! Dear Backers, Hooray! The boards are done!! We still have a few tasks ahead which will delay us a bit further, but here’s what we’re looking at: 1. The wooden letters, pegs & shapes are expected to be completed in 3 weeks!

2. The acrylic display magnets are all ready to go!

3. I am coordinating a 3rd party inspection of the boards next week!

4. I have a shipping specialist who is helping me plan for the shipment and getting everything into the container. Any guesses on what size shipping container we’ll be using?… a 40′ container! (Good thing I’m not trying to fit that thing in my carport, haha.)

5. I am working to get everything with stateside shipping in order NOW so that when the container arrives, I can do a quick turn-around in getting them out to you!

Here’s how you can help:

SURVEYS: We DID have a glitch with some of our survey responses, and I have contacted about 60 of you, in the past week, to confirm your rewards & shipping info. IF YOU DID NOT HEAR FROM ME please check the junk folder of the email address associated with your kickstarter account, JUST IN CASE you were one of those people. Thanks!

Also, there’s still time to get free shipping for add-on accessories from the website (coupon code: kickstarter16)! As a teaser, here’s a pic of how the reversible chalkboard/whiteboard panel stores in the back of the board, just below the french cleat. I will be making a short video about how to use the french cleat to hang the board, for easy access the back of the board!

Thank you for all your great patience as I’ve proceeded with careful diligence! The official delivery date is still to be determined as we may have more logistical hiccups to wade through, but if the accessories are ready to ship in one month, and it takes a month for the sea voyage, we will be on track to ship them your way at the end of May! Will send more updates as we tie up these last few ends!

Haven’t Heard from me in awhile? Here’s why!

Dear Lovely Backers,

Hope you are all well! This is just a quick “hello” to say that I’m thinking of you and looking forward to sending you a more thorough update about the progress of your perks/rewards soon! For the past 4 weeks, our factory has been closed in celebration of Chinese New Year, and I have been absolutely GIDDY for the crafters to come back and start up work again– they are now back! Huzzah! In the meantime, I have been keeping busy with trade shows and will next be at the Seattle Home Show this month (Feb 18-26). Would love to see any of your shining faces if you stop by! let me know if you’d like a 2-for-theprice of 1 ticket code, happy to share. More info soon! Love, Sarah

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from Chart à la Carte! This has been a huge year for us thanks to your support, and we’re grateful to have you on our team!

Here are a few important things to know:

1. We have now posted our Ready-To-Color tasks printables on our website (thanks Marie for hand-drawing these)! If you have littles or want to give yourself credit for the basic things you do as an adult, here ya go. You can start coloring their tasks in anticipation of your boards and acrylic magnets coming in spring!


As I’ve shared, all of you who pledged for a board will be receiving 12 free fabric push pins, which will be attaching your free fabric cover on your board (yay)! Some of you additionally purchased a set of push pins with ribbon for your board. Here’s my question: As much as I love the chevron pattern on the blue push pins (pictured on Kickstarter), it won’t be as practical for those of you who want to use different fabrics on your board. For this reason (and because they dramatically increased the minimum order quantity for that fabric) I am leaning toward having the push pins made with white fabric, instead of navy & white. Please respond to me on this if you pledged for the set of push pins & ribbon and you: 1. love this new idea or 2. are super bummed about it. I want your feedback!

3. If you pledged for your board or accessories as a gift for someone, and want to share with them about it at Christmas, I have created a printable photo card you can use!

4. GENERAL PRODUCTION: I’ve done some careful evaluation of our production timeline, and, due to some delays, it looks like we are running into Chinese new year (Jan. 15 to Feb. 6. 2017) which will cost us about 3 weeks on our schedule. What this means is that we are now looking at an April arrival time instead of March (bummer). I wish they could be here now!! 🙁

5. Lastly, from now until the end of the year, we are offering our reversible chalkboard + whiteboard panel at 15% off AND free add-on shipping (code: kickstarter16).

I think that’s it!

Merry Christmas and cheers to 2017!

love, Sarah

Quick update from Chart à la Carte

Hello Backers!

Time for a quick update on products, events and production:

1. We now have holiday gift cards available in our online shop! As well as happy little wooden snowflake magnets :-). Both items are “”early edition”” and will ship on Dec. 14th.

2. We organized a fun, holiday showcase for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday with 14 other vendors. The event is looking really nice!! Here’s the link if you’d like to see or participate (15% off everything on our website, this weekend only):

3. If you didn’t see the news last month, we found a way to offer the reversible chalkboard + whiteboard panels on our website! Hooray! We are accepting a loan from a generous backer, which will enable us to purchase the panels and make them available for you to buy. They are now full price, but there is free add-on shipping for backers who purchase now! Here is the code for free shipping (to add-on items for delivery in spring): kickstarter16

4. Production update: We’ve had a couple delays, but are hoping to stay on track with our timeline and March delivery. The inside scoop is that we’re working with several manufacturers (between the boards and all the accessories) and, our previously awesome rep with the manufacturer of our wooden magnets unexpectedly left their company about 6 weeks ago. We were not satisfied with the inconsistent communication provided in her absence, so we made inquires, requested new samples, and have now selected a new manufacturer of the wooden magnets. Whew!

Anyway, hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday! Will touch base again when there’s more news!



Good News about the chalkboard + whiteboard panel!

Best Backers Ever,

(drum roll….) We have now added ALL products to our website, INCLUDING the whiteboard/chalkboard panel! Yayyyy!!!! Now that the Kickstarter is over, everything is regular price, but if you’d like to pre-purchase a panel or other accessories for yourself or others, we created a way for you to do so now (as an add-on to your Kickstarter reward) with free shipping (save 7.99)! Just go to enter the coupon/code: kickstarter16 (shhh, this is for you only!) for a limited time!

Here you go! SHOP NOW


Want to avoid last-minute holiday stress? We’re hosting a Countdown-to-Christmas holiday prep CHALLENGE with holiday charts & lists, teamwork / accountability and prizes! The fun begins in 10 days– join our Facebook group to participate!


Want a simple way to share unique gifts this holiday season? Or, want someone ELSE to buy for you??

Holiday gift cards are coming! 🙂 I promise to let you know when they’re available, but, for now, check out the shop and see what you’ll want to GIFT or GET this Christmas!

Love, Sarah

P.S. I’m going to send this info to the “”monthly update”” group as well, because some of you were saying that your Kickstarter emails don’t come through — apologies to those who get this info twice! (In the future that group will get tips & stories & stuff)

Just a few quick things

Good morning, dear Backers!

Just a few quick things:

1. Thanks to everyone who sent in their reward survey! (If you haven’t received yours, or don’t remember what you pledged for, please send me a message today)

2. If you’re planning to have your rewards shipped to Alaska or Hawaii, please let me know ASAP as there are additional shipping charges.

3. Kickstarter will send me the funding soon, and we can get this party started! As I mentioned to those of you in our Facebook group, I am DETERMINED to continue finding ways of raising the capital we need for both the reversible chalkboard/whiteboard panels, AND, ideally, to upgrade the construction of our board to have the inset magnetic storage on the back (these are the two stretch goals that we’re still working toward). AND to stay on track with our timeline. AND to be wise in my decisions, so that we can support this little start-up to grow and thrive. Haha, lots on my plate, but I’m loving the challenge and I’ll share more soon — fun announcement coming next week!

Have a great weekend!


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