If you’ve ever searched the internet for DIY magnetic boards, you know there is a wide range of projects involving everything from a simple baking sheet to constructing actual metal walls in your home.

We’re sharing a secret about an in-between option that is surprisingly multi-functional, beautiful in any home and, both easy and fun to create in your style for your life.

I got the idea two years ago, when my attempts to create a chore chart for my home were disappointing. Here’s that story: I bought an ordinary magnetic board and glued fabric and ribbon to it. Then I made magnet pieces out of glass tiles and clear, printed stickers. But, then I realized that I didn’t love the fabric as much as I thought I would– and the plastic frame looked cheap and tacky on the wall. And the glass magnets would fall and break. And I couldn’t change the words on them. Could there be an easy way to add a new fabric? How could I make it actually look nice on the wall? Maybe if I could make it both a pin board and a magnetic board at the same time, then I could easily PIN fabric to the board…? How could I make dry erase magnets that look nice and don’t shatter glass everywhere when they fall?

But, to be honest, I’m not skilled in sewing, and I didn’t want to have to hem a new fabric every time I wanted a new look for my home. So, I designed a larger wood frame to sit on top of the inner frame, attached by magnets. THIS frame would cover the rough edges of the fabric and the push pins!

Those questions lead me to design a cork board with a steel mesh surface built into a wooden frame. This way, I could easily decorate the board with any style or color of fabric I wanted, just by attaching it with push pins around the edges.

From here, my dad suggested a storage compartment, for extra magnets, markers and push pins. My friend asked whether I might occasionally want a chalkboard or whiteboard, so I designed a reversible panel that stores in back but can be easily placed in front, transforming the board into a chalkboard or whiteboard.

So, it’s fun to change the aestheic of the board (and my home) by adding a new fabric, and it’s practical to be able to swap out a chalkboard or whiteboard, but, what can the board be used for? Then I designed a variety of accessory magnets from wooden letters to 3 sizes of acrylic dry-erase frames, printable charts and inserts to go in the frames, wooden pegs and felt flowers. The possibilities are endless.

And the good news is that you don’t have to build the board, because I had they professionally made, and you can use your creativity to add beautiful fabrics and accessorize however you desire.

For more ideas, see 17 Ways to Get The Most Out of Your Chart a la Carte Board.

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