Hello, Friends!

If you have not yet heard the NEWS (I posted to our facebook group), we have been celebrating the arrival of the boards and accessories this past week! Hooray!

The 40′ container of boards is now un-packed and we have started to mail out some of the packages. So far, we have sent 40 boards and have about 280 to go!

Due to some errors we’ve experienced with UPS notifications, we opted not to send shipping notifications. My plan is to do my best to send an email on the day we ship your order to you. The email will be coming from this address (you may want to make sure that it doesn’t go to your junk file): ChartALaCarte@gmail.com.

HELP HANGING YOUR BOARD? Here is a short video to understand how the french cleat works to secure your board, and tips on hanging.

PRODUCT DETAILS: Take a quick glance over the following questions and read up if they apply to you!


As I’m opening the boxes, I’m noticing that the shade of driftwood is generally a bit warmer (more brown tones, fewer gray tones) and, sometimes slightly greener than I had pictured. Part of this is influenced by lighting, as the colors are noticeably different in a room with a lot of windows vs. warmer lighting, and whether you have true grays or true browns nearby. Ultimately, you MAY prefer the warmer tone, or, if you think you’d prefer more of a gray finish, you may want to apply a gray lacquer. I plan to try this myself, in July, and will post the before and after pics to the facebook group! As a reminder, each driftwood board is unique, the stain highlighting the unique wood texture of each board.


Haha, it looks like we ended up with twice as many p’s and no letter b’s. I have already notified the maker and will be receiving the b’s in the near future, so if you ordered a letter “”b”” I will still ship the rest of your order this month, and then mail your missing letter in late July, when they arrive. Apologies for the delay!


I haven’t opened all the boxes, yet, but it looks like the maker of the acrylic displays accidentally added only 4 instead of 6 magnets on the back of the 8.5 x 11 size. If you ordered this size I will send the rest of your order this month and delay sending your acrylic display until the maker sends me the extra magnets for me to add on the back. I’m not yet sure what the time frame is, but will be updating those of you who purchased this magnet. I’m glad to have caught this error before sending it to you because without the extra magnets the display will not work with the thicker fabric included with your board (only a very thin fabric would work).

ALL IN ALL, I think the artisans did a great job with these products and I’ve already heard back from some of you who’ve received your shipment that you agree! If there is an order mix-up or damage in transit, please email me at: info@chartalacarte.com.

Thanks for your patience as we do our best to get as many orders fulfilled this week as possible!



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