Dear Backers,

Wow, it’s been a busy last couple weeks!! Thanks for your patience as we’ve been scrambling to get your rewards out asap!

UPDATE: We have now shipped almost all of the boards!! If you do not receive your rewards in the next week (two weeks for Canada) please let me know, so that we can look into it for you. Also, we found the missing letter b’s! They were mixed in with the p’s, haha…

PHOTOS: I’ve LOVE-love-loved seeing all the pics that many of you have shared with our facebook group! Thanks for inspiring us! Keep it up!

LARGE ACRYLICS: If you didn’t catch my last update, the large acrylics / erasable display magnets will ship separately and I will be updating those of you who purchased later this week with an eta.

MISSING SOMETHING? Other than the large acrylics? Let me know at (Also, let me know if anything was damaged in transit)!

FEEDBACK: I will be checking in with each of you via email in a couple weeks and would love to know what you like and don’t love so much. Or, if you have ideas of new products you’d like to see! 🙂

FUN NEW IDEA: Stay tuned for our fun new idea (in my next update) once you all have your boards up and running!

VIDEO: See tips for hanging your board in our quick video!

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