What People are Saying About Chart á la Carte

I LOVE IT wow this is a great idea!!!  you have an awesome product. This will be a hit!!!”  — Megan Alexander (of Inside Edition)


 “That’s so cool, I like that!  I like it when smart women do smart things” Louise Pentland (of Sprinkle of Glitter)


“I absolutely LOVE Chart a la carte.  It’s functional, beautiful, and something every family can use.” — Andrea Bai, Glam Hungry Mom


“Chart a la Carte’s tools offer a creative way to build executive functioning in kids with ADHD and Executive Function Disorder.” — Felixe Luria, Blocked to Brilliant.


“HOW AMAZING!!! Love the ideas, the optimal ways to stay organized, and the ability to involve the kids.Natasha Stoneking, Hello! Happiness


“I love the board.  Not only is it decorative and pleasing to the eye, but it is absolutly functional and amazing. I adore how versatile it is.” — Jennie Larsen, Craft-o-Maniac


Absolutely LOVE it! It’s super darling!  I can’t wait to see how people make them their own!” — Tiffany Hewlett, Making the World Cuter


What a neat idea! — Dana Miller, The Girl Creative


“Ah, you fill my retentive organizing heart with joy.  I think it’s so smart.”  –Amy Morrison, Pregnant Chicken


I love your idea – so creative, and I love that it’s customizable with fabric and that there are so many ways to customize the board. Well done, this is something really special!! I’ll definitely be a customer!” –Sarah Lawson, Sew Sweetness


“I love it!”  — Diana Chastain, Nanny to Mommy


I love Chart a la Carte!  It’s a lovely idea and product, and I believe it will work well in our family– especially for my 8 yr. old daughter.” — Kathryn, The Dedicated HOuse


The boards look super fun and unique.” — Allison Kroeker, Allison’s Journey


“This is right up my alley!” — Whitney Moss, Rookie Moms


“I love this!  as I was watching the video I looked at the wall next to the table where I’ve been working and could visualize it on my wall. I NEED THIS!” — Deb Schleusener


“Oh gosh yes!!!! — Sarah Lewis Assink


“I love this idea.  Philosophically, anything that gets us out of the digital world and into the real world (fabric, markers, writing things, textures, color, handsome physical objects) makes me happy.  Our culture often views “quick now, more technology!” as a solution to most problems or frustrations. I count myself as a skeptic to that attitude.”  –Troy Henley


“I love the concept! I love how the board offers so much customization!!” — Michelle Lester


“I think this is a genius product.” — Jonathan Zecher


“What a clever, creative, and engaging tool!  I love all the customization options!” –Nicole


“It’s such a great concept!!!” –Jackie McSurley


“Engaging and fun. Teachers are going to love it”— Lydia Jean


“It’s a great idea, I have a cloth organization board but this is a way better idea bc now the board can grow with you and your changing needs and ideas, the one I have can’t do that. I would definitely buy this one”– Tracie Wagoner


“I absolutely LOVE  it.  I think this would be amazing for my business and my family!!” — Alicia Pettibone


“Great idea!”  — Nat Widman


“Super cool idea!”  — Grace Klein


“Beautiful creativity!”  Candace Hammel


“Wow! This looks amazing!!”  Lisa steward


“ITS AMAZING.  I want colorable chores” — Aaron White


Looks great– really practical for the home or small office.” –Jana Drews


“I love this so much! I love the idea of getting more organized, in such an eye-catching, creative way. I’m all about fabrics right now but I don’t have a lot of spare time to sew. This is such a neat way to get to display them. I watched the video with my 2yr old and she said ‘I want one!’” — Laura O’Brien


“I would totally buy one”. –Megan Becker


“This is FANTASTIC!  I love the idea. I wish I had a million dollars to invest in this because it is such a unique idea. And I have a bunch of mom-friends who will just go NUTS over this.” –Valerie Royer


“I love it, I love it! I would buy one immediately! This definitely fills a need! 😊 Great idea. I can’t wait to order mine.” –Trina Fowl


“This looks great!! What a cool idea!! Looks like something right out of Pinterest! Parents will love this, I’m sure!”  Lam Yoo


“I love this!  I love the functionality and beauty of the product!  I love the magnet part of it. I think there’s a part in the video where there is an am and pm section where you can move chore magnets. Our son has a difficult time focusing on tasks and has never been motivated by star charts or coloring. But I can hear myself saying, ” Grey, go check your board” 😊 to keep him focused.  Anyway, love the product and that it’s customizable! I thought of three people I could gift it to after buying one or more for myself!” — Lindsey Elliot


“I love it!!! For so many reasons.  I can already think of people to share this with 😄


I love the ideas, how flexible/ personizable it all is.  I love all the resources you have as well. Lots of great ideas to look through and try (I was eyeing up preschool charts!!).  I’m super impressed and excited to see more!” — Janelle McIntosh


“It appeals to my both my organization and creative needs.”— Christina Wheat


“Wow, what a cool product!”  Rebekah Spitzer


“Wow….so creative & fun! Love that you can incorporate all areas of life!” — Karen Gormley


“Wow that’s awesome! The video and the idea, very cool!”  –Melanie Odell


“…wow!  That looks so awesome!”  Heather Luben


“I love it!!!”  Lindsay Maxey


“I Love that the kids can color and create their own chore chart. I also love that you can magnetically store the unused items in the compartment or on the back. Yay for not losing everything.  The versatility of the board is pretty amazing, particularly for those who are the creative type  who like to change the look of everything out often.  I bet teens would love that for organizing school assignments or extracurricular schedule.”— Angela Barton


“I love this!”  Rebekah Gough


“AMAZING!!!!!! This is so awesome! I feel inspired!  I’ve actually been literally in the past few days been trying to create more routine in my life and find an organizational system that works for me. This is such a great idea.” Betsy Anderson


“I love it!  I KNOW those boards are going to help people feel more at peace and organized while adding a little fun and creativity to their homes.  I am already thinking about all the places I could use them in my office and around my house”– Monica Worthington


“I love it!! I love how it’s so customizable and that it doesn’t look like a plain old whiteboard in your house, it can actually add to the decor. And the functionality- amazing! As a parent of five, this would definitely help with organization, I could see myself even using more than one.” — Rachel Klassen Lam


“I think it’s a cool product, It’s great! Also my roommate walked in while I was watching it and was like “cool, I need that!” — Kristen Iverson


“What a great product!” —Claire Carey Deering


“This is very creative and fun!” — Kenna Marie Hadden


“I LOVE IT!!!  And I really want one or three!  The design of the board with the detachable frame is very creative.” — Tiffany Leigh


“Wow! That is an incredible idea and really fun and user friendly!  Takes the guess work out of non-creative people like me.” — Abigail Smith


“I love it!  So creative fun and creative.  I like that people can be inspired and have fun. I also think this will help anyone from individuals to corporations to moms home schooling their children.” Janine Gwinn


“I love it! What a great idea!”– Mary Morrison


“What a cute idea!!!! I love all the organizational products.”  –Katie Peters


“I think it’s great! I definitely crave organization and have found that I don’t have a lot of time to take care of things now that Lily is around. I’m excited about this!” — Alison Mawer


“I think this is a fun and solid product and gift item!!  I think people would love to buy these for newlyweds, expecting moms, and especially fresh college kids” — McKenzie CAMPBELL


“Fun idea, very creative!” — Angela Erlitz


“Very creative!  Love the flexibility.”-– Torrey Maben


“Oh my gosh, I love it!!” — Tricia Maben


“Wow!!  That is so cool!!  I want my mom to see the see this!”  — Sarah Faxon


“I am really impressed with this idea / product” — Chase (last name omitted)


“Ohmigosh!  Holy canoli, I want the little coloring things for my kids to color on!”        –Joy Gillard


“Wow, that’s a fantastic idea!  Looks simple to use.” — Katie Clanton


“I think this is great!” — Jennifer Carr


“I’m highly impressed with the product– it’s great for it’s versatility, functionality and I love the wood frame.  As a mom I can think of many different uses!”  — Natanya Edgecomb


“What a great idea!”— Shannon Podgorski


“I really love it!!” — Erin Meneley


“Wow! What a genius idea! Our oldest son has some sensory issues and I could see using this as a visual schedule board or even as a social storyboard (a visual story walking him through a new event like going to school).”— Becky Crowl


“Love this!” — Deborah Linstead


“SO CUTE!!” — Kerry


“Awesome.  This is fantastic and ironically I’m creating a project wall in our house and have been trying to find fun tools that I’d be happy having displayed that were functional and easily interactive for my whole family. This is hands down what I’ve been looking for, but couldn’t find. I also instantly thought of people who would be interested.”                    — Vanessa Knox


“I truly love this creative idea.  As a mom, I really LOVED the tangible fix for chore charts, or kids daily schedule builders. I have been handwriting one on a piece of paper the last couple weeks for ayla to put stickers on to increase cooperation at bedtime. This would be way more functional and decor appropriate 😊 As a therapist, I could see how this would really benefit families trying to implement reward charts and schedules. The dry erase option is a great tool. I could see myself using this whole thing as a way to communicate with Luke about our schedules as well.” — Cassie Hallstone


“I like it!  As a working mom I often feel too busy for creativity–I love how this makes creativity and beauty accessible in something so practical!” — Devyn Johnson


“Those boards are a great idea!  I am sure everyone could use an easy way to organize.   Having the personalization is nice because everyone has different needs for their organization.”  — Mary Perrin


Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! I love it!!!  I love the many options, especially the printables for kids’ chore chart! And the container for the magnets is such a practical touch! Great ideas!!!” –Elena Wiggins


“I think it is AWESOME!!!  I’m sold….I want one, two, three…. I can already think of so many uses for it. Love love love!  It’s amazing!”  — Nicole Borys


“This is awesome!!! So creative.”– Jessica Lee Konker


“I love it” — Amber Kalil


“An interesting and useful organizational product” — Dan Guthrie


“I’m a homeschooling mom of 3 and I love the multi-purpose board– so innovative! I love how it’s not only functional, but also classy” — Andrea Dauber


“I’m really impressed!!” — Glenna Gunsten


“That’s amazing! I love it!!” — Lisa Dugaro


“This is a really great product.” –Ryan Marsh


“I think it’s fantastic, the way it’s customizable with the fabrics and magnets and everything. Plus I think the part about the kids getting involved is really good too, such a great way to get them started with task organization and time management. I think the interactive website and printable charts are perfect additions as well.” — Jason Gooselaw


“I totally want one!” Abigail Gelotte


“DUUUDE!!! This looks so good!!  Lindsay Cherry


“That’s amazing!” — Lisa Duguro


“Very cool, I like how versatile it is and customizable to individual tastes” — Melissa Vandridge


“Brilliant! I love the combination of organizational clarity and creativity!”— Heather Whitney


“Cool idea!”— Alex Dunn


“This is fantastic.  I absolutely identify with the sentiment about structure + creativity!” — Sara Dunn


“I can see this being really useful in my therapy work with kiddos and parents too. I am also an organized list person, and the beautiful chart examples make me drool.” — Kendra Pasma


“Seriously cool product.” — Dan Nichols


“That is amazing!!” — Lisa Ruppert


“I’m a bit of a GTD, task management nerd, and I think this is a great idea. It seems especially useful for technologically mixed families like mine (nerdy husband, tech-skeptic wife, no-tech toddler).” –Paul Clark


“This looks great! My wife and I were just discussing an organization method, and this looks right-up our alley.  Excellent project!” — Scott Wilder


“I really like the idea of this invention.  I can see definitely see it being used in my office.” — Lee Lau


“Looks like a very cool creative tech / non-techie organization tool!”— Chad Duncan


“Extremely impressive!” — Tony Offer


“Very cute idea and looks well made” — Rebecca Grant


“A series of good ideas” — Jesse McCracken


“I love the product” — Joey DeYoung


“Looks awesome.  I like how hackable it is.” — Matt Whitney


“Cool idea!” — Brian Casey


“This looks awesome!” — Karen Sootheran


“Very cool!” — Melanie Haagsma


“Wow!” — Calvin Senter


“It’s AMAZING!! What a genius idea!! I love it.” — Joanna Livdahl


“Wow! Beautiful video for an incredible idea. I really love the beauty, creativity and simplicity that it brings. A breath of fresh air amidst an ever growing digital-only world.” — Jennifer Smidt


“That is awesome.  I was an elementary classroom teacher for several years and I would have died to have this. Bulletin boards were a powerful enemy and I didn’t want to ever change them because it was so much effort.” — Tom Taylor


“WOW!!  This is AH-Mazing!!! I love, love, love it!” — Ani Sanford


“Wow, this is awesome.  I am really impressed!” — Carin Weier


“So SO great!!  My husband and I both think the product looks fantastic. I can see so many applications for it.  My mind is spinning with ideas!” — Erin Mathias


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